With Lioness Expat Agent by your side, you will experience a soft landing.

Housing – Let’s find your new home
Whether you are looking for a house to rent or you want to buy your own home in The Hague, Rotterdam or Amsterdam, Lioness Expat Agent will assist you in getting the right home and making settling-in easy. We help you with your home search and give you professional advice about the city you want to live in, the housing market, the price of the home, the quality of the home and the rules and regulations applied to expats. Our services includes:


  • Consultation – get to know each other, understand exactly what it is you are looking for;
  • Home search – assisting in the process of finding your perfect place;
  • Visiting your potential home – we pick you up and visit the property together;
  • Inspection – we provide an inspection report including pictures of the property;
  • Negotiating and finalizing your all contract – we negotiate your mortgage or rental cost;
  • Signing the contract – we make sure everything is in order and in your best interest.


Relocation – We simplify your relocation.
We are here to simplify your relocation, whether you are looking for assistance in finding the ideal house in The Hague, Rotterdam or Amsterdam, or moving to one of these areas, or wondering which utility service is best for you. Lioness Expat Agent is your trustworthy guide in:


  • moving you into your new home;
  • furnishing and decorating the house;
  • organising cleaning services;
  • finding you the right utility services (gas, water, electricity, TV and internet);
  • arranging a handyman for maintenance and repair.


Lioness Expat Agent understands that relocation can be demanding, time consuming and stressful, when doing it all by yourself. So, don’t! Contact us, with Lioness Expat Agent by your side, you will experience a soft landing.


Finance – we take care of the pence while the pounds take care of themselves.
Your relocation simplified also means no stress regarding good financial management. Lioness Expat Agent provides information, answers questions and helps you keep your finances in order at all times. Our financial experts will provide you with information that is tailored to your financial needs.


We provide our customers with professional:

  • Free financial review for all our customers;
  • Assist you in getting financial loans;
  • Work with qualify and independent financial advisers;
  • Work hard to get you deals that work for you.


Lioness Expat Agent has a clear focus on the Dutch financial system and will help you keep your finances in a surprisingly good shape. So contact us for free consultation.


Tax – Why pay more if you can pay less?
Our Lioness Expat Agent team offers tax consultation, tax filing and tax return services in the following areas: income tax, corporate tax and council tax. We can provide you with current and accurate advice regarding the Dutch tax system. With Lioness Expat Agent professionals by your side, you won’t pay more than is necessary. We will help you with the following:


  • Free tax scan to determine whether you are eligible to file tax;
  • We advise you on the 30%-facility and childcare subsidy;
  • We help you with tax filing and tax return.


Lioness Expat Agent will help you through the Dutch tax system and help you maximize your tax return and give you a stress less experience. Our dedicated professionals are here to help you.


Administrative support – we help you find your way through the administrative clutter
Holland is a wonderful but highly bureaucratic country. Rules and Regulations are inherent in Holland. This means correspondence can be expected! When living in the Netherlands you will receive letters (in Dutch) from governmental institutions like the council, tax and immigration office, the police, and others. It can be quite overwhelming, but hey! Don’t worry we are here to help you.


Lioness Expat Agent has a professional team ready to cover all your administrative processes. They will help you find your way through the administrative clutter that comes with moving to, and living in, Holland. Your Lioness Expat Agent administrative support team will:


  • provide you with information regarding council tax, income tax and corporate tax;
  • read and translate your correspondence to and from the local government;
  • help you to find the right legal adviser;
  • inform you about the rules and regulations applicable to expats.


Lioness Expat Agent is at your side to help you see through the huddle of paperwork and find clarity. So, you will not have to deal with the administrative clutter on your own.


Socializing – with free aftercare and advice
So, settled down? Feeling quite at home in drizzly, complain-about-the-weather, minding-our-own-business, let’s-get-to-work-and-eat-cheese-sandwiches-during-lunch-break Holland? Ready to celebrate the big step you successfully took and standing just outside a cute looking, Dutch coffee shop to treat yourself to a nice cup of… eh… Wait! You might want to call us for an alternative.


Yes! Our annual Expats High-tea network, where we take tea drinking seriously. At our annual Expats high-tea you will:


  • have the privilege of meeting fellow expats and getting to know new people;
  • get more information about Holland and joining exciting groups;
  • stay connected with other expats going through the same transition and of course;
  • provide you with an opportunity to share your experience, and learn from each other.


So come and join our annual Expat high-tea, get connected and share our expatriate experience with other expats. It’s always a joyful and informative gathering, so don’t miss your chance to be part of it.


… that’s why, Lioness Expat Agent.
At your service.

Lioness Expat Agent understands that relocation can be demanding, time consuming and stressful. Can be – you got that right: when not carried out properly. And yes, it can be daunting when you try to do it all by yourself. So don’t!


Dedicated Experts

We are a group of 6 young and dynamic expat relocation professionals, dedicated to provide you a head start in Holland and giving you a soft landing.


Satisfied Clients

Our clients value us for our quick, flexible and transparent services. We adhere to ethical business practices in all aspects of our services and our clients enjoy every bit of it.


Successful Cases

Cheers! It has been two month and we have successfully helped four happy clients in just 2 months. We aim at putting more smiles on our future happy clients faces.


We count on you

Four years ago we started with our expats relocation services as help group and two years ago we transformed it to expats relocation company by obtaining our official documents.

We love to help you find a place where you feel at home!