About us

With Lioness Expat Agent by your side, you will experience a soft landing.

About us

Four years ago I came in contact with a group of expats, we became friends. They needed so much information and had so much questions but with no one to ask. So I started to provide them with the information they needed and answering their relocation questions. And in no time my expats network grew bigger and bigger. My interaction with expats became more and more intense and on a daily basis with me volunteering to show them the way and helping them with things like; getting a bank account, finding a home, doing their administration, explaining the Dutch law and Dutch holidays to them, showing them around and connecting them with other expats. In the process of doing that, a new idea sparkled in me which I put into action and as a result: Lioness Expat Agent was born! And a team of dedicated professionals was formed to simplify your relocation.


Our team comprises of dedicated professionals ranging from real estate agents, legal consultants, tax specialists, relocation co-ordinators and administrators. Amongst our team are two (ex)expats who knows exactly what it means to be an expat and what you need to make you feel at home.


… that’s why, Lioness Expats Agent
At your service.


Drs. Ejatu van der Linden
Your real estate manager.

Betty Bifwloli (L.L.M)
Betty has more than 8 years experience as a Legal consultant lawyer. Her main focus is on International and property Law. She assist expats with legal aid administrative issues.

Drs.Gout Kattenberg
Gout is an international tax specialist with 8 years experience. He assist expats with all aspects of the Dutch tax system ranging from tax filing to tax returns. He also assist them with their financial management.

Emerald Tawe (MSc.)
Emerald maintains contact with expats and assist them with their administration. She is responsible for helping expats finding the right school for their children.

Mr. Alim Jalloh
Alim is a moving expert and has 7 years’ experience in both domestic and international relocation. He is specialized in moving and transporting companies, household goods and commercial goods.

Lioness Expat Agent understands that relocation can be demanding, time consuming and stressful. Can be – you got that right: when not carried out properly. And yes, it can be daunting when you try to do it all by yourself. So don’t!


Dedicated Experts

We are a group of 6 young and dynamic expat relocation professionals, dedicated to provide you a head start in Holland and giving you a soft landing.


Satisfied Clients

Our clients value us for our quick, flexible and transparent services. We adhere to ethical business practices in all aspects of our services and our clients enjoy every bit of it.


Successful Cases

Cheers! It has been two month and we have successfully helped four happy clients in just 2 months. We aim at putting more smiles on our future happy clients faces.


We count on you

Four years ago we started with our expats relocation services as help group and two years ago we transformed it to expats relocation company by obtaining our official documents.

Our specialities


Your home in Holland begins by Lioness Expat Agent. We partner you in finding the right home and getting you the best deals. Whether you are looking for short stay, long stay, business or vacation residence, Lioness Expat Agent will help you find the right accommodation.


Our skills and dedicated team offers you a head start in The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. We will guide you through all the stages from housing to settle in. Our relocation team will put every effort in making your relocation stress free.


Your relocation simplified also means no stress regarding good financial management. Lioness Expat Agent provides information, answers questions and helps you keep your finances in order at all times. Our financial experts will provide you with information that is tailored to your financial needs.


Our Lioness Expat Agent team offers tax consulting services in the following areas: income tax, corporate tax and council tax. We can provide you with current and accurate advice regarding the Dutch tax affairs. We can assist you in your tax filing process.


For all your administrative processes covered; from information regarding taxes and finances to reading and translating correspondence to and from the local government, or getting the right legal adviser, Lioness Expat Agent is at your service.


Don’t just move to The Netherlands, feel at home in it! Lioness Expat Agent helps you socialize. At our annual Expats high-tea network, where we take tea drinking seriously, you will have the privilege of meeting fellow expats, learning about the Dutch people and joining exciting groups.

We love to help you find a place where you feel at home!